Simplifying zipline design

Zip Line Design Tools

Design your zip line

Hubbard Merrell is serious about designing zip lines, so we created ZipDesignTools to help us do that!. Our goal is to simplify the design process for your zip line system. The ZipDesignTool was created to be a revolutionary tool that allows us to easily and quickly simulate and optimize your zip line system.

Features & Benefits:

  • Test a range of parameters during the design process
  • Calculate loaded and unloaded profile of the zip line cable
  • Estimate tension in the loaded cable
  • Determine rider speed along the zip line
  • Predict rider speed when they hit the brake
  • Evaluate the effects of wind on rider speed
  • Assess the impact of different trolleys on rider speed
  • Troubleshoot a problem with an existing zip line

The End Result:

  • You gain early insight into how your zip line system mayl perform before you make any large investments. Hubbard Merrell will provide you with a preliminary concept report of your zip line system.
  • Save time and design costs
  • Minimize or eliminate zip line construction delays and rework

We invite you to see how the tool works.